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Plan the perfect event with your colleagues!

When it comes to planning an upcoming work event, you're trying to avoid that typical boring office party, the dreary happy hour and just trying hard to make sure the next event isn't a total flop! It's difficult already trying to think of something that would be engaging for everyone to enjoy.

The trick here, is to choose the perfect and right fitting event that will peak the interest, spark spontaneity, and creativity for everyone. That brings it down to the most charming paint and sip experience in the Tri-State. Ideal for groups of 12 people and over 80+.

Whether it's virtual or an in-person event, ArtViva Event's workshops are super fun, engaging, and always been told time and time and again that the quality of their art instruction and set up is top tier. With the options of choosing customizable paintings, and super nice decor to fit all themes, your upcoming party will be a celebrated event your peers will never forget.

No need to worry about where to go and what to set up, ArtViva Events comes directly to your location with all art materials provided. Have your colleagues channel their inner Picasso during a 2 hr class, plus you can have your food and wine throughout the whole session for everyone to get a buzz while painting. For your event you can choose any of our hundreds of paintings to choose from, or request a fully customized painting

We know that the idea of paint might get messy in an office setting, but you'll be assured to know that with ArtViva Events, you are provided table covers, and floor coverings to make sure that a fun paint party had never even happened.

These paint party events are perfect for team building, client appreciation events, fundraisers, and more!


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