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Create the most beautiful and entertaining activity for all your girls!

Host the most charming bachelorette party with a really sweet creative activity to add to your special day.

On top of the theme, the decor, food and drinks that put together you definitely want to add one or a few super cute activities that you and your girls can have a blast doing.

One of the best activities that gets a super lively, and entertaining outcome is a paint and sip activity! With ArtViva Events you'll get a memorable bachelorette party that will add a lot more sparkle to your day.

What differentiates ArtViva Events from any other paint party location is that first off they are completely mobile, which means you can hold your party virtually anywhere in any beautiful setting you like. Secondly, you get the addition of super cute art decor to add to your layout that make for artsy Instagram shots of your party and fun wearable accessories to match with your painting/theme of your choice.

With ArtViva Events, everything is customizable! From the paintings, to the accessories for all party goers. You'll get to even keep your accessories on top of the beautiful paintings you will create, plus a special personalized gift for the bachelorette girl to remember her special day.

For more information on holding an upcoming bachelorette party click the link below to see how ArtViva Events can curate a fun party for you!


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