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Fun crafts for kids to stay mentally stimulated at home

When it comes to having your kids engaged in a productive activity, we want them to really be the most proactive they can be to enhance their fine motor skills, focus, and mentally stimulate.

View below a few of our go-to crafts to try out at home. First thing to note before each set up is to cover the surface your child will be working on with a cloth or a few newsprint or paper towels. These crafts generally are 30 to 45 minutes.


Hand paintings, similar to finger painting are so much fun for kids. Opt for a paint that dries quickly to speed up the process and can be cleaned off easily from hands with soap and water. Paints such as acrylic work well for these crafts.


Sculpting crafts can really engage with your child's creative imagination. Not only can they have fun painting their miniature sculpture after, but they work through the process of molding a medium into a 3D form. Keep it simple, this way they can more confidently work through the process and finish till their object is complete. The right clays for this craft we highly recommend is air dry clay which makes the drying process easier.


Let them create their own scenery! It can be mountains, beaches, meadows, or jungles they'll have fun putting their work together to complete their dream scenery. For crafts like these, it's always best to have the more intricate items cut out and prepped ahead this way kids can focus on pasting their scene together. Use can use any type of medium for this such as foam paper, cotton balls, glitter paper, stickers etc to create a fun scene. You can view more items like that here to try out at home.


Face masks are a fun go-to for kids, and on the plus side they are very straight forward to achieve. For the basics, you'll need craft sticks and foam paper to cut out. Extra materials you can add can be paint, glitter, rhinestones, stickers etc.

Have fun creating these recommended crafts at home, and feel free to share your work with us on social media @artvivaevents.

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