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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Cultivate emotional and creative growth through art.

There are numerous benefits why anyone should paint. Whether you are the creative type or not, painting as a hobby is so rejuvenating for the mind.

The idea is not to be a great artist when you paint at home, but to have fun "go with the flow" and use whatever painting medium you use to bring joy to your day to day.

  1. Emotional Growth:

Running, dancing or yoga just to name a few, are the many forms we choose to release our emotions. Painting is just one of those ways to keep your mind focused and relaxed when creating any type of genre/style of art you like.

2. Meditation:

Similar to yoga, painting provides a meditative experience to help clear your mind, and boosts memory. Through the visual process, painting gradually helps with fine tuning your recollection skills, which then can translate back into your everyday life.

3. Stimulates Optimism:

Leave no room to worry about criticism and failure to your approach. Keep in mind art is subjective. Once you place this in mind, you will leave space for a positive creative journey through your painting process. This as well encourages a boost in self-esteem and overcoming obstacles. With 'mistakes' that happen along the way, it's good to allow yourself to not always be in control of every brush stroke you make, but to learn how to manipulate these moments to your advantage to maintain a constructive relationship with you and your canvas.


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